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Open to any person or organization in Kenya whose main business is one of the following:-

(a) Manufacturers of active ingredients used in the formulation of agricultural chemicals and related products.

(b) Formulators contracted to manufactures of active ingredients used in the formulation of agricultural chemicals and related products.

(c) Contracted representatives of manufacturers of active ingredients used in the formulation of agricultural chemicals and related products not otherwise represented in Kenya.

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Here’s how you can be a member of AAK:

Full Members 
BASF East Africa Limited

Member No: AAK/220
Contact Person: Mr. Patrick Ngugi
Telephone: +254 20 4443 454; : +254 722-507436
Sineria East Africa LTD

Member No: AAK/357
Contact Person: Martin Omulindi
Mobile: +254 720 848 255

Organix Limited

Member No: AAK/281
Contact Person: Mr. Aasit Shah
Telephone: +254 20 3566241/2, +254 735 712090, +254 720 937535
Koppert Biological Systems (K) Ltd.

Member No: AAK/362
Contact Person: Geoffrey Ongoya
Mobile: 4453780,+254 731 202191,0723144690
Dow Agrosciences

Member No: AAK/380
Contact Person: Managing Director
Mobile: 0204213000; 0714714506
Arysta Life Science Corporation

Member No: AAK/328
Contact Person: Mr. Pinakin Gurjar
Telephone: +254 717432174
Agriscope (Africa) Limited

Member No: AAK/331
Contact Person: Mr. Susanta Chattopadhyay
Mobile: +254206652101/407222077747
Amiran Kenya Ltd

Member No: AAK/219
Contact Person: Ms. Grace Boyani
Telephone: 6824840-6/6907000/0719095000
Anset International Ltd

Member No: AAK/317
Contact Person: The General Manager
Telephone: 020-2670447 & 020-2671207; : 254-20-2726868 (pilot) and 2722521
Bayer E.A Ltd

Member No: AAK/128
Contact Person: Mr. Joseph Kibaki Miano
Telephone: : +254 20 860 000; 0208600317

Member No: AAK/365
Contact Person: DR. M. MSANYA
Mobile: 0733634570
Biomedica Laboratories Ltd

Member No: AAK/341
Contact Person: Mr. James Ngunjiri
Mobile: 2018540,020 3518224,0722134798
Chemraw E.A Ltd

Member No: AAK/204
Contact Person: Mr. Harrison Wanyama
Mobile: 020 2300038/9,0736543460/0719297328
Cooper K Brands Ltd

Member No: AAK/133
Contact Person: Charles Ndung’u
Mobile: +254 020 4206000; +254 722-209840; +254 734-330044
East African Business Co.

Member No: AAK/389
Contact Person: Dr. Kumar Santosh
Mobile: +254 704 300 391; +254 020 240 3390
Elgon Kenya Ltd

Member No: AAK/232
Contact Person: Mr. Nzioka
Telephone: 6534410/2399997/0722203089
Export Trading Co. Inputs Kenya Ltd

Member No: AAK/382
Contact Person: Shem Odhiambo
Mobile: 202660880/1/2 - 0722864205
Greenlife Crop Protection Africa Ltd

Member No: AAK/361
Contact Person: Stanslaus Musyimi
Mobile: +254 722 563 698 / +254 735 544 544 / 0800 721 495
Hangzhou Agrochemicals Ind. (EA) Ltd

Member No: AAK/399
Contact Person: Mr. Evanson Mwangi
Mobile: 0718290745
Kenagro Suppliers Ltd

Member No: AAK/391
Contact Person: Mercy Mueni
Mobile: 0725-538297

Kilimo Centre Ltd

Member No: AAK/301
Contact Person: General Manager
Telephone: 045-40206

Lachlan (K) Ltd

Member No: AAK/312
Contact Person: Stephen Ndiga
Telephone: +254 20 2073912/3/4, +254 722209474, +254 740027202
Monsanto Kenya Ltd

Member No: AAK/113
Contact Person: Everlyn Musyoka
Mobile: +254 730 705028 / +254 724 268086
Norbrook Kenya Ltd

Member No: AAK/336
Contact Person: Dr. David Rutere
Mobile: 2019457/8, 0722 200804, 0734514160
Osho Chemical Industries Ltd

Member No: AAK/275
Contact Person: Ms. Catherine Wangu
Mobile: (+254)0711045000, 0732167000, 020-3912000
Pestgon Ltd

Member No: AAK/367
Contact Person: Mr. Ndubi
Mobile: 054-30767, 0722644229,0734647666
Oak Medica Ltd

Member No: AAK/386
Contact Person: Eunice Odhiambo
Mobile: 0771-146-664/6; 0202399514
Orbit Agro Chemical Industries Ltd (OCIL)

Member No: AAK/121
Contact Person:Linda Amondi
Telephone: 0733333938/0722205505; 0752368468
Rentokil Initial Kenya Ltd

Member No: AAK/103
Contact Person: Mr. Patrick Nyaga
Telephone: 530228 / 552300

Rockem Limited

Member No: AAK/314
Contact Person: Mr. Jackson Mbatha
Telephone: 254 2343472
Rotam Sub-Saharan Africa

Member No: AAK/345
Contact Person: Mr. Michael Macharia
Telephone: 3004848/2727068

Syngenta E. A. Ltd

Member No: AAK/226
Contact Person: Ms Susan Njoroge
Mobile: +254733622778; +254722205117; +254703018000 /+254703019000; 2714827; 2714836
Twiga LogoTwiga Chemical Industries

Member No: AAK/102
Contact Person: Mr. Daniel Kirimi Ndung'u
Mobile: +254 3942000/365, +254 727952750
Ultravetis E.A. Ltd

Member No: AAK/311
Contact Person: Ms. Edith Kariuki
Telephone: 6537665/6-2358205
Tropical Farm Management

Member No: AAK/321
Contact Person: Juliana Opuka
Telephone:+254 727 547067
Agrichem Africa Ltd

Member No: AAK/339
Contact Person: Ms. Ruby
Mobile: 0733806200/0727531010-Direct No. 0722610779

AnspaAnspa E.A Ltd

Member No: AAK/392
Contact Person: Mr. Anderson Gitari
Telephone: 020-2015101
Bell IndustriesBell Industries Ltd

Member No: AAK/211
Contact Person: Mr. T. K. Ibui
Mobile: (+254)-20-6535828/9, 20-2368703, 0733-764562, 0728-171663
Dera Chemical IndustriesDera Chemical Industries

Member No: AAK/142
Contact Person: Mr. Shah
Telephone:0771-755570; 0721-441004; 0202677392/020-554699
Dupont InternationalDupont International

Member No: AAK/363
Contact Person: Managing Director
Mobile: 0722820005
Fedo Agencies Ltd

Member No: AAK/307
Contact Person: Mr. Dominic Musili
Telephone:825461/825263; 0720837271; 020 – 2305464
Flamingo Horticulture LtdFlamingo Horticulture Ltd

Member No: AAK/266
Contact Person: Mr. Guytan Omondi
Mobile: 254 50 20 20 859/ 21 167
Highchem EssentialsHighchem Marketing Limited, Essentials Division

Member No: AAK/327
Contact Person: Dr. J. Orengo
Telephone:254 20 530774/783/557744; 0722-205174
Impact ChemicalsImpact Chemicals

Member No: AAK/397
Contact Person: Mr. Adams
Mobile: 254 722 824725; 254 733 585334
Insecta Ltd

Member No: AAK/316
Contact Person: Mr. David N. Thuku
Telephone:0727145538, 0772-768147
Juanco SPS LtdJuanco SPS Ltd

Member No: AAK/273
Contact Person: Mr. Junghae Wainaina
Mobile: 2088754-6 2048774

Member No: AAK/227
Contact Person: Mr. Ian Shaw
Telephone:051-2217134/2217228; : 0726 114 140 / 0737 127853
Laibuta Chemicals Ltd

Member No: AAK/342
Contact Person: Mr. Domiziano Mithika
Mobile: 242637
Willowood Africa LtdWillowood Africa Ltd

Member No: AAK/376
Contact Person: Mr. Richard Sikuku
Telephone:2362524, 0733-819557
Murphy ChemicalsMurphy Chemicals E.A. Ltd

Member No: AAK/108
Contact Person: Mr. Raphael Kiguta
Mobile: 0722570768, 0733610860, 0202017992
Nairobi Veterinary CentreNairobi Veterinary Centre Ltd

Member No: AAK/393
Contact Person: Mr. Mark Murungaru
Telephone:20 2217566
Nordox AS(K) Ltd

Member No: AAK/390
Contact Person: Mr. Joseph Muli
Mobile: 254-739334355
Impact Chemicals

Member No: AAK/397
Contact Person: Mr. Adams
Mobile: 0722 824 725; 0733 585 334
Safina (EA) Ltd

Member No: AAK/120
Contact Person: Mr. James Mwaura
Topserve E.A. Ltd

Member No: AAK/329
Contact Person: Mary Mose
Mobile: 0722528883; 2496326/3746402/3/6

Member No: AAK/329
Contact Person: Betty Githendu
Mobile: +254 720 058123