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This shall be open to those persons or corporation involved in the distribution and/or usage of pesticides and related products originating from suppliers who are full members or other sources registered with Pest Control Products Board.


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Associate Members 
Cash and Collect Cash And Collect

Member No: AAK/337
Contact Person: Mr. Nazil Dhalla
Telephone: 0733 279 379; 210278/311133
Chemserve Cleaning Services Chemserve Cleaning Services

Member No: AAK/338
Contact Person: Mr. Paul Gitau
Telephone: 3860440/2/4/01
Cockrid Kenya LtdCockrid Kenya Ltd

Member No: AAK/347
Contact Person: Managing Director
Telephone: 3874200
Ecolab E.A (K) Ltd Ecolab E.A (K) Ltd.

Member No: AAK/371
Contact Person: Felix Muli
Telephone: 722204170
Eldoret Packers Limited Eldoret Packers Limited

Member No: AAK/334
Contact Person: Mr. R.C. Kachela
Hygrotech E.A. Limited Hygrotech E.A. Limited

Member No: AAK/319
Contact Person: Ms. Fiona Mbai
Telephone: 0722509251
Kenya Farmers Association Kenya Farmers Association

Member No: AAK/237
Contact Person: Jackson Italakua
Telephone: 051-2211615
Lessos Veterinary Supplies Limited Lessos Veterinary Supplies Limited

Member No: AAK/318
Contact Person: Dr. Mwangi M.Gitonga
Telephone: 053-2063051/0733610951; 0773878466
Mega Consult Ltd Mega Consult Ltd

Member No: AAK/385
Contact Person: Evans Mutuva
Telephone: 2638351
New Down Town LtdNew Down Town Ltd

Member No: AAK/374
Contact Person: Gabriel Muchira
Telephone: 0721624689
Vectorcon Pest Control & Supplies Vectorcon Pest Control & Supplies

Member No: AAK/272
Contact Person: Mrs. H. B. Adam
Telephone: 0733 419999; 0726419999

Membership Category: Associate Members
Contact Person: The Managing Director
Mobile: 0722229944
Oneway Cleaning Services Ltd Oneway Cleaning Services Ltd

Member No: AAK/372
Contact Person: Mr. Khadija Kuria
Telephone: 2016094, 0725537528
Qzone Integrated Pest Mgt Qzone Integrated Pest Mgt

Member No: AAK/366
Contact Person: Fatma A. Abdulrehman
Telephone: 2673659, 0706274483
Devji Meghji & Bros Ltd Devji Meghji & Bros Ltd

Member No: AAK/125
Contact Person: Mr. Jiten Patel
Telephone: 067-21081
Farmers World Ltd Farmers World Ltd

Member No: AAK/253
Contact Person: Mr. J Mwangi
Telephone: 051-214635/6
Henchem ltd Henchem Ltd

Member No: AAK/325
Contact Person: Mr.Henry Kinuthia
Telephone: 316744
Meadways Enterprises Ltd Meadways Enterprises Ltd

Member No: AAK/394
Contact Person: Ms. Gladys
Telephone: 700751737
Mituki Supreme Enterprise Ltd Mituki Supreme Enterprise Ltd

Member No: AAK/395
Contact Person: Dominic Mutunga
Telephone: 0722805245
> Moiben Connections Ltd

Member No: AAK/396
Contact Person: Antonio David
Telephone: 0722396769
Nedam Services Ltd Nedam Services Ltd

Member No: AAK/396
Contact Person: Mr. Joel Muyera
Telephone: 0724362306
> Nikifarm Care EA Ltd

Member No: AAK/354
Contact Person: Dr.B.M Mutisya
Telephone: 2213003
Paksons Enterprises Ltd Paksons Enterprises Ltd

Member No: AAK/375
Contact Person: Mr. Wesley Rotich
Telephone: 052-30187
> Rhico(EA) Ltd

Member No: AAK/274
Contact Person: Mr. James Mwaura
Telephone: 2210417/371/272/2223016
Roan Services Roan Services

Member No: AAK/360
Contact Person: Rose Kiriba
Telephone: 0721894370,0720733800
> Rodentkil Cleaning Co. Ltd

Member No: AAK/373
Contact Person: Mr. Jack Opana
Telephone: (+254) 20 530406/8; 0724 042 963; 0722 752 771
Sanwise (KENYA) Ltd Sanwise (KENYA) Ltd

Member No: AAK/343
Contact Person: Mr. Stephen Ng'ang'a
Telephone: 4185018 - 3520181
> SGS Kenya Ltd

Member No: AAK/351
Contact Person: Mr. John Nyaga
Telephone: 2733690/99/0728320419
Pestmatic Ltd Pestmatic Ltd

Member No: AAK/344
Contact Person: Mr. Peter Muthee
Telephone: 0737-451415/020-3560695
> Termipest Ltd

Member No: AAK/369
Contact Person: Mr. Tom Chacha
Telephone: 550904, 0724522910
Vestam Pest & H Suppliers Vestam Pest & H Suppliers

Member No: AAK/359
Contact Person: Mr. Gikonyo
Telephone: 0722759857