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A Progress Report On Business Linkage Forum Between Fresh Produce Export Company Vegpro (K) Ltd, CropLife Kenya SSPS And Friends Of Kilimanjaro Farming Community In Kimana, Kajiado County, Kenya

Kenya’s horticultural industry has continued to grow since its infancy years in 1975 under FPEAK which is involved in regulation and coordination of members involved in growing and/or exporting fresh cutflowers, fruits, and vegetables. Vegpro (K) Ltd. (VP) is the largest producer and exporter of fresh produce from Kenya and through its VP Food Division it is currently producing fresh produce in its six farms in Kenya and managing a portfolio of over 1700 smallholder farmers in Kenya’s four major production zones.

Vegpro’s crop production practices are grounded on the Global Good Agricultural Practices (GlobalGAP), which are recognised by fresh produce markets and growers worldwide as a measure for achieving a sustainable production and in this regard in collaboration with FOKI farmers of Kajiado South, it aims at adopting and engaging the exisiting pool of trained and certified Croplife Kenya Spray Service Providers (SSPs) in Kimana, Rombo and Kuku areas that have a combined farmer database of over 600 farmers.

The key focus of the business linkage forum to VP and FOKI was to meet the Croplife Kenya SSPs in the region and establish their skill sets prior to engaging them in service provision in their outgrower zones in the area. Adoption and utilization of the SSPs by Vegpro not only means it complies with the Certification Statnadards but also that its, over 600 farmers in the region are producing their crops in a safe and sustainable manner while utilizing crop protection products. For the SSPs, this was a forum that enabled them to showcase their services, competencies and contact details to the VP Company and FOKI community farmers.