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Empty Pesticide Container Collection Progress

An Environmentally Sustainable Empty Pesticide Containers Initiatives

The Agrochemicals Association of Kenya in collaboration with Pest Control Products Board (PCPB), Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Project (KAPAP) set up a Container Management Project dubbed “Empty Pesticide Containers (EPC) Management to collect Empty Pesticide Containers (EPC) in selected counties for disposal in an environmentally friendly manner.

The project Counties were selected on the basis of pesticide use and concentration of small scale farmers. The identified Counties were:

  1. Makueni
  2. Nakuru
  3. Nyandarua
  4. Kakamega
  5. Taita Taveta
  6. Transnzoia
  7. Homabay
  8. Meru
  9. Nyeri
  10. Embu

The project aimed at building capacity of both the agrovets and societies in training and provision of “bins”, awareness materials to facilitate the return of the Empty Pesticide Containers. Through this project, AAK created awareness to farmers on the need to return the Empty Pesticide Containers (EPC) and dangers of poor disposal. Farmers were taken through Responsible Use (RU) training on Triple Rinsing of the Empty Pesticide Containers (EPC) during farmer field days to ensure that the farmers returned only triple rinsed containers to the collection centers. AAK also partnered with Environment Combustion Consultants (ECCL) to collect and destroy the EPC as it looks for possibilities for recycling. The project collected EPC from farmers from 2 main areas:

  • Through agrovets outlets where farmer returned the EPC during purchase of pesticides from the agrovets
  • Through farmer societies and cooperatives where farmers in organized groups return the EPC to the society’s factory offices

The project was successful in the selected counties. AAK now expands its wings to the other counties so as to achieve sustainable and commercially viable empty pesticide containers management systems in Kenya.