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Breakfast Meeting With Cabinet Secretary Ministry Of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries

On 15th June 2016, the AAK was fortunate to have the Cabinet Secretary (CS), Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries attend a breakfast meeting with CEOs called by AAK.  As an interactive forum with the Patron of the AAK, the CS was able to highlight the following key issues in his speech:

(i) PCPB Board

The CS noted the importance of PCPB Board towards development of industry and applauded the industry for patience.  He noted that a gazette notice on appointment of the board had been signed and promised that the board will be in place in the week beginning 20th June 2016.

(ii) VAT on Repackaging Materials

The CS noted that he was in discussion with Treasury Department on the issue.  He noted that AAK had given him a way forward on the issue which he will discuss and get back to the industry on taxation of repackaging materials.  He noted that the government was committed to creating a favorable environment for business and was easing the burden of excess taxes and levies from industry.  This he noted will ensure access of inputs to small scale holders affordably.

(iii) Counterfeits

The CS noted that the industry needs to be proactively involved in control of counterfeiting.  He noted that counterfeiting was a big problem that was robbing farmers of their income as a result of lack of control of pests and diseases.

The CS challenged the industry to ensure it puts in place measures to fight counterfeits.

(iv) Stewardship

The CS noted that pesticide being hazardous in nature, needs to be handled with care.  He noted that farmers are not aware of this and noted that the industry through its stewardship activities should train farmers on proper handling of pesticides.

The CS further noted that issues concerning MRLs were on the rise.  He noted that concern was more for export produce rather than local produce.  He challenged the industry to review its labelling and packaging and apply audit mechanisms to ensure pesticides are applied as per recommendations.

Kind Regards,


Ms. Evelyn Lusenaka

Chief Executive Officer

CC:     Susan Njoroge – Chairperson, AAK

Below are some photos taken during the event.