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Development of Manual For Global Harmonized System Of Classification And Labelling (GHS) of Pest Control Products In Kenya

Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) in collaboration with Pest Control Products Board (PCPB), Croplife Africa Middle East and Croplife International have developed a manual for Global Harmonized System (GHS) Classification and Labelling of Pest Control Products in Kenya.

AAK which is committed in the development and adoption of GHS supported and facilitated this initiative. The draft GHS Manual developed will inform and build on the ongoing drafting of PCP Labeling Regulations. The current labelling requirement and legal provisions guiding the classification of pesticides in Kenya is based on WHO Hazard classification of pesticides.

As a way forward, the draft document will be presented to agrochemical industry and other stakeholders for wider consultation and endorsement.  It was also noted that the team will incorporate the inputs of the wider stakeholders. AAK and PCPB are currently reviewing the Labeling Regulations which will incorporate the GHS provisions.

On the implementation and operationalization, the following was noted:

  1. Transitional period will be five (5) years post Gazettement of new labelling guidelines
  2. Public awareness creation and sensitization PCPB will take lead in collaboration with the industry
  3. Upon Gazettement of new labeling guidelines,
  • new products should take immediate effect
  • All renewals must conform to GHS system but the registrant will be allowed to exhaust old labels within the five (5) years
  • After 5 years transition period all products in the market must bear labels in GHS format
  • There will be no requirements to re-label products in circulation during transitional period
The draft manual is attached or available on AAK website (www.agrochem.co.ke)Anchor. AAK urges its members to go over the manual developed and present any comments to the office. A stakeholders meeting to finalize on the same will be called last week of September 2016.
Evelyn Lusenaka
Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK)