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#EveryCropCounts Campaign Videos

Farmers are an important part of our survival as they provide the food and fibre that nourishes us. If they stop tilling the soil, the world will starve! For this reason, we say THANK YOU! for all your hard work.

This year our hashtag will be: #EveryCropCounts #Keepfarming #SaveLives

Peter Maundu on Tomato Farming in Kenya #EveryCropCounts
Peter Maundu a tomato farmer says his tomato plants are doing well and expecting huge harvest after always using approved pesticides.

Farmer Dennis Wambua on Maize Farming in Kenya #EveryCropCounts
Dennis Wambua, a maize farmer says that top dressing maize with DAP fertilizers increases the yields thus ensuring constant flow of maize supply.

Farmer Stella Kilelo Fighting Pests Using approved products #EveryCropCounts
Stella Kilelo, a green maize farmer says her maize are doing well and now almost ready for harvesting after using approved pesticides.

Farmer David Nzivo on Banana Farming in Kenya #EveryCropCounts
David Nzivo switched to doing banana farming after losing his tomato crops to blight disease. He says his bananas are making huge profits with a consistent supply to the market.

Farmer Wangari Kuria Tomato Farming Increasing Vegetable Supplies during the COVID-19 Pandemic #EveryCropCounts
Wangari Kuria, used to do mushrooms and strawberries but now switched to tomato farming to increase food supply in this hard times.

Farmer Teresiah Ng’ang’a Let us embrace food security #EveryCropCounts
Teresiah Ng’ang’a, a mixed vegetable farmer urges all Kenyan farmers to advocate for food security in order to save lives.