Poison Information Center Toll Free Lines: 0800 – 730030 and 0800 – 720021

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Associate Members 
Sipcam E.A Ltd

Member No: AAK/320
Contact Person: Mr. Jackson Mbatha
Telephone: 343472
Environmental & Combustion Consultants Ltd

Member No: AAK/340
Contact Person: Dr. Philip Mwabe
Telephone: +254-020-556242, 254202496323
Kofinaf Company Ltd

Member No: AAK/383
Contact Person: Mr. Paul Njuguna
Telephone: 8011041
Sustainable Management Services

Member No: AAK/381
Contact Person: Mr. Martin Kangi
Telephone: 0714-606897
Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization

Member No: AAK/402
Contact Person: Director General
Telephone: +254 722206986/+254 722206988