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Invitation To AAK Exhibition At Ngarariga H.C.D Pack House, Limuru.

On 11th November 2016, the Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) and Kenya Markets Trust (KMT) launched the County level workshops and exhibitions to be held in 10 counties across Kenya. The goal of the workshops is to create linkages between input suppliers and extension staff for dissemination of technologies, innovations and information on new products, good agricultural practices and climate adaptation.

AAK would like to cordially invite its members to the Kiambu county workshop and Exhibition to be held on 27th April, 2017 at Ngarariga HCD pack house starting at 9.00 AM. The event will be in 2 parts running concurrently i.e.

  • An exhibition where AAK members and selected stakeholders in the input supply business can interact with the local farming community by exhibiting their pest control products, seeds, fertilizers and other inputs.
    Invited farmers and farmer groups will be drawn from 6 sub counties of Kiambu County namely; Limuru, Lari, Githunguri, Kiambaa, Kabete and Kikuyu.
  • A seminar where extension staff and farmer leaders in the horticultural sector will gather for a half day workshop. The discussions will revolve around food safety, new invasive pests (Potato Cyst Nematode, Tuta absoluta and False Codling Moth) and fighting counterfeits.
The Kiambu county Ministry of Agriculture has identified Food safety (MRL’s and related issues) and Invasive pests as their priority areas for discussion in the Seminar. Any solution from your company that could address these two broad themes will be welcomed as part of the exhibition. Exhibitors are however at liberty to display all other products and technologies they feel will resonate with the local farming community including Animal Health products targeting dairy farmers.

For further inquiries on booking of exhibition space, please contact the Secretariat – info@agrochem.co.ke, 0704842799 or 0734447777. Tents and chairs can be organized on your behalf after advance notification.

We are looking forward to your active participation.