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Makueni and Kajiado County Spray Service Provider (SSP) bench marking forum held at Matiliku, Makueni County on 16th February 2019

The Spray Service Providers Project comprises of professionally trained farmers who are offering spray services to farmers at a fee in 24 counties in Kenya. The Partnership between Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) and SNV Kenya has managed to train 481 SSPs in the 6 counties of Makueni, Kajiado, Nyeri, Nyandarua, Nakuru and Bungoma since September 2016.

The Bench marking forum involved the below Stakeholders and officials:

  1. Ministry of Agriculture
  2. SNV Kenya
  3. Dutch Embassy
  4. Keitt Exporters
  5. Bayer Cropscience
  6. Koppert Biologicals
  7. Makueni Service Providers Association (MASPA)
  8. Nzau Farm / Makueni County SSPs
  9. Kajiado County SSPs
  10. Agrochemical s Association of Kenya (AAK)

The main aim of the forum was to enable the Makueni County SSPs that have been very vibrant and successful in their operations, share and offer practical advice to the Kajiado County SSPs. This is aimed at boosting and elevating the levels of spray service delivery in Kajiado County especially considering the fact that the county boasts of a very vibrant horticultural and dairy sector.
KEITT Exporters helped in reinforcing the fact that the export market really and urgently requires the services of professionally trained and certified spray service providers in the export sector as they are the most qualified to offer services that are standard to the export market.