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Agriculture is an important sector in Kenya which provides food and nutrition security, offers employment and provides primary agricultural products for manufacturing. However, as the agriculture sector grows, it is faced by many constraints chief among them pests and diseases which are mainly managed with pesticide products. As the use of pesticide products increase, illicit traders take advantage and avail counterfeits to meet the increased demand.

The Association which has existed since 1958 stands for quality products and has a code of practice for its members that ensures that genuine products are supplied to the end users who are farmers.

The Code of Practice which ensures product stewardship by the members from development through manufacture, distribution, storage use to disposal addresses farmers and environmental concerns of safety.

Therefore, the product stewardship ensures that all stakeholders are trained IPM and in all aspects of product stewardship that also include Empty Pesticide Container Management disposal of obsolete products and pest resistance.

In 2008 the Agrochemicals Association of Kenya started specifically to address the issues of counterfeit products in the Agrochem Industry by setting up a committee that deals with issue of counterfeiting in the Agrochem Industry (Anti-Counterfeit Steering Committee – ACSC)

The Anti-Counterfeit Steering Committee mandate is training and awareness creation, development of a clean supply chain and collaboration and law enforcement.