Risk Assessment Day 1

Risk Assessment Session 1

Session 1: Toxicological Parameters And Studies
Thomas Mueller, Ph.D.
Virtual Risk Assessment Training in Kenia, April 12-14, 2021

Risk Assessment Day 2

Combined Toxicity

PSD and ACP approach to assessing the mammalian toxicity (and consumer/operator risk assessment) of two or more compounds in a pesticide product (formulation).

Session 2a - Existing model FAO CLI_Kenya 2021

Existing Model/Calculator/Database (FAO toolkit and CLI calculator) and Risk Assessment

Session 2a - Introduction of NDE risk assessment _CLI Kenya 2021

Concept of Non-Dietary Exposure Risk Assessment

Session 2b - Dietary Exposure and Risk Assessment_04132021

Session 2b Dietary Exposure and Assessments

Risk Assessment Day 3

Aerial Applicators Manual

Ecotoxicity to Wildlife & Risk Assessment 4-13-21


Revised guidelines on environmental criteria for the registration of pesticides

Envrionmetal Risk

EPA Models

Models for Pesticide Risk Assessment

Pollinator Protection

Risk Communication

Risk Communication