Poison Information Center Toll Free Lines: 0800 – 730030 and 0800 – 720021

SSP Graduation Photos

In line with supporting the Potato/KCSEED Partnership supported by 2SCALE, CropLife Kenya (AAK) recruited and trained 30 SSPs of KCSEED at Keringet in the establishment of a network of professional spray service providers in Nakuru County. The Business Training was conducted on 27 –28 September 2018, in Nakuru County at Keringet Mau Gate Resort. The training encompass induction to Agri-Wallet Mobile based payment system, acquisition of Spray Service Providers (SSPs) merchant code and imparting business and entrepreneur training. The training was conducted through Dodore (Agri-Wallet) and Equity Bank Ltd and facilitated by 2 Scale IFDC and CropLife Kenya/AAK.

The overall aim of establishing a network of trained SSPs in the vast potato growing zone is to stem the adverse effects that emanate from mishandling of pesticides on human and environmental health which can only be addressed through safe use training, community sensitization and proper handling of Pest Control Products (PCP) according to set international guidelines.


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