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The Third Global Minor Use Summit (GMUS – 3) was held in Montreal, Quebec Canada from October 1 – 4 2017.

Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) participated in The Third Global Minor Use Summit (GMUS – 3) was held in Montreal, Quebec Canada from October 1 – 4 2017.

The Summit was coordinated by the Pest Management Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in partnership with the IRE – 4 Project and USDA – Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

Kenya was represented by Chief Executive Officer of Agrochemicals Association of Kenya, Ms. Evelyn Lusenaka, Head of Registration of Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) – Dr. Paul Ngaruiya, Head of Quality Assurance and Laboratory Accreditation of KEPHIS – Lucy Namu and Director of Regulatory Affairs and Stakeholder Relations of CropLife Africa Middle East (CLAME) – Ms Stella Wafukho Simiyu.

The Theme of the Summit: “Filling the Grower Toolbox: Developing Strategies for Speciality Crops and Minor Use Programs and Harmonisation” provided opportunities to exchange on the progress since the previous two global minor use summits with a focus on accomplishments related to the five-year work plan established at GMUS-2 in the areas of Communication, Cooperation, and with particular emphasis on Policy considerations. Meeting participants contributed ideas and solutions through breakout group discussions.

Representatives from East Africa at the Global Minor Use Summit - 2017

Speakers shared experiences from capacity building projects, on the evolution of minor use programs and activities in technical and cooperatives areas, which may aid capacity development and support to emerging minor use programmes and an update of ongoing global minor use activities and collaborations through Codex and OECD.

Participants discussed key issues and developed possible solutions relating to each of the key areas in breakout sessions.

Plant Protection Industry Perspective, looked at addressing challenges and enabling opportunities to facilitate product development and regulatory submissions. Presentations included perspectives from the Chemical Industry and the Biocontrol and Biopesticides Industry. Each session included formal presentations followed by breakout session discussions, where participants added their input and experiences.

More information on the Summit and outcomes can be found on www.gmup.org